July 28, 2020

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Top Mac games - Alice's Wonderland 2: Stolen SoulsMore than a year has passed, and Alice’s memory of Wonderland is less vivid. Then, one night she hears what sounds like the White Rabbit calling for her. Is it possible that her Wonderland friends are in need? Join Alice on her journey back to that fantastic world and guide her as she faces new challenges.

Upon returning, Alice learns of a new and ominous threat to Wonderland. The Queen of Spades is wielding a powerful artifact that alters Alice’s friends – turning them against her! With the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter missing, it’s up to Alice to overcome her fears and find a way to stop the evil Queen of Spades to save her friends.

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Alice's Wonderland 2: Stolen SoulsAlice's Wonderland 2: Stolen SoulsAlice's Wonderland 2: Stolen Souls