Hidden Object

February 21, 2020

Download PC games free > Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet Collector’s Edition

Game genre, OS:

Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet Collector's EditionRomeo and Juliet survive their families’ feud and pledge to get married, but a ghost from the Capulets’ past wants to make sure the feud never ends and the Capulets are destroyed! (…)

February 20, 2020

PC game demos > Chimeras: Price of Greed

Game genre, OS:

Chimeras: Price of GreedPeople are disappearing left and right amidst otherworldly incidents in the Carrington Mansion. First the butler, then the head of the family himself, Edgar Carrington. (…)

February 10, 2020

Downloadable PC games > Lost Lands: Mistakes of the Past

Game genre, OS:

Lost Lands: Mistakes of the PastMany people regret the mistakes of their past, but how many people get a chance to go back and change them? The dark sorceress Cassandra has broken free after centuries of imprisonment, killing all who oppose her in the Lost Lands. (…)

January 24, 2020

Top Mac games > Legacy: Witch Island 2

Game genre, OS:

Legacy: Witch Island 2You are back on the mystery island and it’s clear your previous adventure wasn’t a dream. The island really exists, and the witch has regained her power. Use your knowledge and wits to break her hold on the island. (…)

January 13, 2020

Best games for Mac > The Christmas Spirit: Grimm Tales Collector’s Edition

Game genre, OS:

The Christmas Spirit: Grimm Tales Collector's EditionWhen your father, Wilhelm Grimm, is pulled into one of his storybooks by Dame Gothel’s dark magic, you must set out on an adventure into Fairytale Land to stop Dame Gothel, save Wilhelm, Fairytale land, and the future of Christmas itself! (…)

January 7, 2020

New PC game > Fatal Evidence: The Cursed Island

Game genre, OS:

Fatal Evidence: The Cursed IslandYour sister’s old mentor has been murdered, and you’ve been called to his remote island home to investigate! You and your sister arrive just in time for the reading of the will. (…)

December 25, 2019

PC games shop > Labyrinths of the World: Forbidden Muse Collector’s Edition

Game genre, OS:

Labyrinths of the World: Forbidden Muse Collector's EditionFor centuries, the noble muse Calliope has blessed all kinds of artists who have traveled to her city and asked her for inspiration. Today the city is famous for artists and attracts people from all over the world. (…)

December 24, 2019

New PC games > Road Trip Europe

Game genre, OS:

Road Trip EuropeRoad Trip: Europe A Classic Hidden Object Game invites you on the trip of a lifetime. Explore beautiful locations spanning the entirety of Europe as you hunt for hidden objects. (…)

December 4, 2019

PC download games > Memoirs of Murder: Behind the Scenes

Game genre, OS:

Memoirs of Murder: Behind the ScenesWhat starts out as a fun vacation to a true crime film set turns disastrous when Aaron’s cousin Kevin is accused of murdering the lead actress. (…)

November 29, 2019

New game PC > The Unseen Fears: Stories Untold

Game genre, OS:

The Unseen Fears: Stories UntoldYou’re off to Prague for a well-deserved vacation! But your fun is cut short when someone calls to you for help from inside a book of fairy tales! (…)