February 25, 2020

PC game free download > Mystery Solitaire: Cthulhu Mythos

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Mystery Solitaire: Cthulhu MythosBecome immerse in the mystical and entrancing world of Howard Lovecraft while you complete challenging solitaire puzzles! This world reflects the life of the poet himself, as well as his mysterious, gloomy and wonderful stories. (…)

January 2, 2020

Best games for PC > Jewel Match Solitaire 2 Collector’s Edition

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Jewel Match Solitaire 2 Collector's EditionRestore the kingdom’s mesmerizing castles in this enchanting Solitaire adventure! Travel the lands and collect resources to rebuild majestic monuments. Loads of unique game play alternatives to shake up your classic Solitaire. (…)

August 27, 2019

Game PC download > Tales of Rome: Solitaire

Game genre, OS:

Tales of Rome: SolitaireThe god of war, Mars, disguised as a legionnaire is stripped of his powers by the other gods during one of his numerous battles. As punishment for his actions, Mars is transformed into a human being and left badly wounded. (…)

February 29, 2016

Mac game downloads > Magic Cards Solitaire

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Magic Cards SolitaireEnter the magical world of Knoxford the Sorcerer! Play your way through exciting levels of Solitaire and experience many adventures in this mystical world that’s full of secrets! (…)

December 24, 2015

PC game downloads > Solitaire Christmas Match 2 Cards

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Solitaire Christmas Match 2 CardsDiscover a holiday card game filled with the joyful spirit of the holidays. (…)

December 23, 2015

Free downloadable games for PC > Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power

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Solitaire Mystery: Stolen PowerThe oldest deck of cards in the world has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient History in Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power. Track down the missing deck and save the world using the magical cards. (…)

December 18, 2015

Free downloadable PC games > Solitaire Game: Christmas

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Solitaire Game: ChristmasChristmas is a time for fun winter games: throwing snowballs, secret Santa and… (…)

December 16, 2015

Top 10 PC games > Pirate’s Solitaire 2

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Pirate's Solitaire 2You have been selected by Her Majesty for an important mission suited only to the best of the best. (…)

December 14, 2015

Download PC game > Legends of Solitaire: Curse of the Dragons

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Legends of Solitaire: Curse of the DragonsLong ago, Solitaire Kingdom was cursed by an ancient, evil spell! To lift the curse once and for all and return the kingdom to its former glory, you must embark on a great quest and defeat the dragons! (…)

December 14, 2015

PC game free download > Regency Solitaire

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Regency SolitaireExperience the romance of Regency England, in this sumptuous solitaire game. Help Bella take charge of her destiny and create the ballroom of her dreams. (…)