October 12, 2015

Newest PC games > Adore Puzzle 2: Flavors of Europe

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Adore Puzzle 2: Flavors of EuropeGo on a unique gastronomy tour of Europe in Adore Puzzle 2: Flavors of Europe, an incredibly fun Puzzle game! Each level is designed to initiate you into the various cuisines of European countries. (…)

September 9, 2015

Free download PC games > Penny Puzzle

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Penny PuzzleTravel the world with Penny Puzzle as she takes photographs of famous and renowned landmarks and locations. Journey from Egypt, to the Forbidden City, to Paris, and beyond. Impress your boss, Mr. (…)

August 23, 2015

Play PC games > Royal Jigsaw 4

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Royal Jigsaw 4A thousand new images are now available! That’s a thousand reasons to play Royal Jigsaw 4!

Explore 10 centuries of history, venture into luxurious interiors of ancient homes and visit the most famous castles in the world. (…)

July 16, 2015

Games for Mac > 1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 2

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1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 2What do you need to study our Earth? Textbooks? Scientific journals? Long journeys around the entire world? Study our incredible planet in the comfort of your own home! 1001 unique photos and a new jigsaw game to help you on your way! (…)

July 10, 2015

New PC games > Puzzle Mania

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Puzzle ManiaPuzzle Mania: Chronicles of the Unicorn is a unique game combining new but recognizable gameplay. Each stage is unique with 75 pictures and 75 distinctive puzzle forms to solve. (…)

June 26, 2015

Cheap PC games > Jigsaw World Tour

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Jigsaw World TourTravel around the globe with Jigsaw World Tour! Piece together vibrant jigsaw puzzles depicting the monuments and cultural icons of world class cities from New York to Tokyo. (…)

June 23, 2015

PC games downloads > Jigs@w Puzzle 2

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Jigs@w Puzzle 2Jigs@w Puzzle 2 is a truly realistic jigsaw puzzle game which has everything you need to create and play your own great-looking puzzles. The game provides a very comfortable puzzling environment and superb graphics. (…)

June 5, 2015

Free download PC games > Royal Jigsaw 3

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Royal Jigsaw 3Check out the new King Size Jigsaw! In the latest installment of the Royal Jigsaw series, choose between 1000 different high quality puzzles! Enjoy the well designed gameplay you’ve come to expect from the Royal Jigsaw games. (…)

June 4, 2015

Play PC games > Jigsaw World

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Jigsaw WorldEnter a world of puzzle fun in this vibrant jigsaw game! While away the day with scores of dazzling and challenging puzzles! A stunning array of colorful scenes await you, to reward your patience and please your eye! (…)

June 2, 2015

Mac games download > Jig Swap Puzzle

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Jig Swap PuzzleBreathe new life into these picturesque nature images by swapping and jigging randomized pieces. Rearrange the pieces to see the image. Make sure you’ve placed all the pieces into the right places to complete each level. (…)