October 5, 2017

Good Mac games > Endless Fables: Frozen Path Collector’s Edition

Endless Fables: Frozen Path Collector's EditionYour friend has gone missing while researching Norse Myths. (…)

September 28, 2017

Download PC games for free > Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet

Dark Romance: Romeo and JulietRomeo and Juliet survive their families’ feud and pledge to get married, but a ghost from the Capulets’ past wants to make sure the feud never ends and the Capulets are destroyed! (…)

September 27, 2017

Game game PC > Cursed

CursedAs this young couple found, evil never asks for permission to drive a wedge between even the strongest bond. Test your bravery and search for your missing fiancé, Albert. (…)

September 19, 2017

New game PC > Maze Lord

Maze LordFor ages, the wicked dragon frightened and devastated the vicinity, hiding countless treasures in the serpentine mazes of his dungeon. But now, the dragon has gone too far by abducting a beautiful princess. (…)

September 13, 2017

PC games > Owl Rescue

Owl RescueIn a sunny fairytale forest, there is a special school for young owls. Keeper and his faithful companion Bella look after their diligent pupils and teach them to be real post owls. (…)

September 12, 2017

Mac game store > Stranded Dreamscapes: Deadly Moonlight Collector’s Edition

Stranded Dreamscapes: Deadly Moonlight Collector's EditionAfter the death of their patriarch, the Wolfgrin family suddenly went missing! The police assume it was kidnapping, so you’ve been called in to investigate. But what you find at the Wolfgrin estate is no mortal criminal. (…)

September 8, 2017

Games for the Mac > Summer in Italy

Summer in ItalyTravel to Italy for a puzzle adventure of a lifetime! Take this opportunity to visit some of the most famous locations in Italy and play a variety of fun puzzles along your way. Visit Florence, Naples and Rome on this romantic adventure. (…)

September 6, 2017

Download Mac games > Roaring Twenties Solitaire

Roaring Twenties SolitaireMusic, dances, luxury cars and grandiose parties – it’s the roaring twenties. (…)

August 29, 2017

PC game downloads > The Silent Age

The Silent AgeLose yourself in The Silent Age, the thrilling point­and­click adventure!

A dying man from the future has entrusted Joe with a quest to discover the truth behind humankind’s extinction. (…)

August 22, 2017

Download free game PC > Haunted Manor: Painted Beauties Collector’s Edition

Haunted Manor: Painted Beauties Collector's EditionA peaceful day at the park becomes a journey into the surreal in Haunted Manor: Painted Beauty! You thought it would be fun to have your portrait painted by handsome young artist Stephan Black. (…)