April 5, 2017

All PC games > Fabulous: Angela’s Fashion Fever Collector’s Edition

Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's EditionGo behind the fashion scenes to help the industry’s hottest up-and-coming designer in Fabulous: Angela’s Fashion Fever! Your time-management skills will be put to the test as you compete in the ultimate fashion contest. (…)

April 5, 2017

Top games PC > Delicious: Emily’s Message in a Bottle Collector’s Edition

Delicious: Emily's Message in a Bottle Collector's EditionDelicious: Emily’s Message in a Bottle Collector’s Edition introduces adorable Emily at the early age of 3, with her beloved grandfather (Grappa!). (…)

April 5, 2017

Top 10 PC games > In Service of the Queen

In Service of the QueenThe Counselor just arrived with bad news! The barbarians are pillaging and destroying our villages! There is an urgent demand to fix the damages and restore peace in the realm! Will you be up to the task and help the Queen? (…)

April 5, 2017

Good Mac games > Fear for Sale: Phantom Tide Collector’s Edition

Fear for Sale: Phantom Tide Collector's EditionParanormal journalist Emma Roberts is called in to help a grieving family being haunted by forces that can manipulate water, threatening to kick them out of their home. (…)

March 31, 2017

Free downloadable PC games > Maze: The Broken Tower Collector’s Edition

Maze: The Broken Tower Collector's EditionAfter years of speculation, the McCordan Library has finally been found! Rumor has it that this labyrinthine library was built to house five legendary tomes, but a series of puzzles and traps guards them. (…)

March 30, 2017

PC game free download > Bestseller: Curse of the Golden Owl

Bestseller: Curse of the Golden OwlYoung writer Jane Harrison, a daughter of the famous detective, is going through a creative crisis. Her father vanished under strange circumstances while working on his last case two years ago. (…)

March 29, 2017

PC games free download > Gnomes Garden 2

Gnomes Garden 2The wicked queen of the trolls has returned from banishment! Using her evil magic, she has kidnapped the princess of the gnomes and taken her to a distant kingdom. (…)

March 29, 2017

Newest PC games > Evil Orbs

Evil OrbsWe think that they came from space. We think that they are evil. We KNOW that they need to be popped! Evil Orbs have invaded all the cities of Earth and made life a total bummer. They are impervious to all known forms of weaponry. (…)

March 29, 2017

New game PC > Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy

Nostradamus: The Last ProphecyStep into some of the biggest shoes in history, as Nostradamus` daughter, Madeleine, attempts to help her father lift a deadly curse. (…)

March 28, 2017

Free games for PC download > Tangled Up!

Tangled Up!This is a story of two electric charges “Positive Charge” & “Negative Charge” who are paired by an electric string. (…)