May 5, 2020

PC games download > Lost Lands: The Wanderer Collector’s Edition

Lost Lands: The Wanderer Collector's EditionFor years, the sailors and pirates of the Lost Lands have been talking about a ghostly ship sailing in the heart of a storm. This vision disappears as soon as it comes to life. (…)

May 1, 2020

Play PC games > Rite of Passage: Heart of the Storm Collector’s Edition

Rite of Passage: Heart of the Storm Collector's EditionFrom Mad Head, the studio that brought you Subject 360 and the Nevertales series, comes another exciting story in the Rite of Passage saga.

Your mentor calls you, in need of urgent help. (…)

April 30, 2020

Top 10 PC games > ClearIt 2

ClearIt 2In this sequel to ClearIt, take on new challenges and see if you can clear the board while navigating brightly colored puzzles with multiple levels of complexity. (…)

April 29, 2020

Games for PC > Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic

Detective Solitaire: Inspector MagicSolve the most magical case ever in this exciting solitaire detective game!Join Inspector Magic and discover the truth behind the case of the fantastical creature. (…)

April 28, 2020

Free PC game downloads > NagiQ 2: Treasure Hunt

NagiQ 2: Treasure HuntNagiQ 2 – Treasure Hunt is an awesome combination of word puzzles, adventure and charm. This family-friendly word game follows Nagi as he island-hops his way through monsters, pirates, prizes and puzzles to see what his treasure map will reveal. (…)

April 27, 2020

Download game PC > Sausage Bomber

Sausage BomberThe embattled nation of Fredonia must strike back at its invaders with a new top-secret weapon. (…)

April 25, 2020

Game for Mac > Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse Collector’s Edition

Endless Fables: The Minotaur's Curse Collector's EditionThe legend of the Minotaur has long been a closed book, but what if it didn’t happen the way scholars claim? (…)

April 24, 2020

PC games downloads > The Man with the Ivory Cane

Game genre, OS:

The Man with the Ivory CaneDiscover early 20th century Paris in this intriguing story of crime, love and destiny! Solve a missing girl case and expose a puppet master that’s trying to pull your strings. (…)

April 23, 2020

Free downloadable games for PC > Ramses: Rise Of Empire

Game genre, OS:

Ramses: Rise Of EmpireReturn Egypt to its former glory and win the favor of the gods as you rebuild the ancient civilization from the ground up! (…)

April 21, 2020

PC game download > Adera

Game genre, OS:

AderaWorld renowned adventurer, Jane Sinclaire will face her greatest challenge in the mysterious city of Adera! (…)