January 2, 2020

Free PC game download > Sable Maze: Nightmare Shadows Collector’s Edition

Sable Maze: Nightmare Shadows Collector's EditionWhat starts as a peaceful evening quickly turns dark as you plunge into a world made of your nightmares! In this world filled with dangerous shadows, it’s up to you to delve into your memories and escape into reality. (…)

December 30, 2019

Latest games for PC > The Voice from Heaven

The Voice from HeavenOn a cold winter’s night in the Frostwood Forest, an old woman found a baby girl which she named Aurora. She eventually discovered that Aurora’s chants had a magical, healing power to make the world around her a better place. (…)

December 26, 2019

Download games for PC free > PuppetShow: The Price of Immortality Collector’s Edition

PuppetShow: The Price of Immortality Collector's EditionThe Theater of Emotions has earned quite the reputation. It’s known all over France for its menagerie of life-like puppets, but it’s also notorious for all the reporters who have vanished trying to reveal its magical secrets. (…)

December 25, 2019

PC games shop > Labyrinths of the World: Forbidden Muse Collector’s Edition

Game genre, OS:

Labyrinths of the World: Forbidden Muse Collector's EditionFor centuries, the noble muse Calliope has blessed all kinds of artists who have traveled to her city and asked her for inspiration. Today the city is famous for artists and attracts people from all over the world. (…)

December 24, 2019

New PC games > Road Trip Europe

Game genre, OS:

Road Trip EuropeRoad Trip: Europe A Classic Hidden Object Game invites you on the trip of a lifetime. Explore beautiful locations spanning the entirety of Europe as you hunt for hidden objects. (…)

December 24, 2019

Mac games download > Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt

Ghost Files: The Face of GuiltYoung police detective, Emily Meyer, is assigned to solve a serial killer case “The Guilty Man” when a mysterious woman calls stating that she knows the identity of the killer. (…)

December 23, 2019

Games Mac > Rite of Passage: The Sword and the Fury

Rite of Passage: The Sword and the FuryAfter 20 years, you receive a message that could lead you to your missing grandfather. (…)

December 20, 2019

Best games for PC > Sophia’s Pizza Restaurant

Sophia's Pizza RestaurantHelp Sophia make her dream of starting a successful pizza restaurant come true. Sophia’s Pizza Restaurant is a fun mash-up of match 3 and time management. (…)

December 18, 2019

Best games for PC > Surface: Return to Another World Collector’s Edition

Surface: Return to Another World Collector's EditionFrom Elephant Games, creators of Grim Tales and Mystery Trackers, continue the adventure in the newest installment of the Surface series!

After receiving a worrying phone call from your mom, you return to your hometown of Lightfalls to investigate. (…)

December 17, 2019

Games PC > Grim Tales: Crimson Hollow

Grim Tales: Crimson HollowYou’ve been called in to investigate the disappearance of a girl from a local boarding school. She was last seen with the mysterious Dorian Black. (…)