March 6, 2019

Mac computer games > World’s Greatest Cities Mosaics 5

World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 5Are you ready for the vibrant life in some of the world’s greatest cities? Start your adventure off in Bangkok, Thailand and make your way through other great cities like New York, Lisbon, Dubai, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, and Berlin. (…)

March 4, 2019

Best Mac games > Fantasy Mosaics 22: Summer Vacation

Fantasy Mosaics 22: Summer VacationThe penguin family are taking a summer vacation and travelling to the South Pole to meet their friends! Join them and discover even more colors to enhance your mosaic experience. (…)

March 1, 2019

Free downloadable PC games > The Keeper of Antiques: The Imaginary World

The Keeper of Antiques: The Imaginary WorldSomeone has activated an artifact that takes people to a world filled with their wildest fantasies. When the Imaginary World starts taking over reality, it’s up to you to find and neutralize the artifact. (…)

February 28, 2019

Free download game PC > Braveland Wizard

Braveland WizardBraveland is back with new characters and classic turn-based gameplay. In Braveland Wizard, a graduate of the Academy of Magic is out looking for new adventures. (…)

February 28, 2019

Free PC game download > Forest Riddles 2

Forest Riddles 2The forest fairies are once again in need of help! Dispel the ancient curse by harnessing the magical properties of numbers and logic! (…)

February 27, 2019

Download PC games free > The Great Unknown: Houdini’s Castle Collector’s Edition

The Great Unknown: Houdini's Castle Collector's EditionYour honeymoon is cut short when your plane crashes on an uncharted island in The Great Unknown: Houdini’s Castle. You awake to discover a madman has kidnapped your husband. (…)

February 26, 2019

Games for the Mac > Chimeras: Mark of Death Collector’s Edition

Chimeras: Mark of Death Collector's EditionDive into an exciting new installment of the Chimeras series, brought to you by Elephant Games, the creators of Mystery Trackers and Royal Detective! (…)

February 22, 2019

Game for PC > Mystery Crusaders: Resurgence of the Templars Collector’s Edition

Mystery Crusaders: Resurgence of the Templars Collector's EditionThe Blue Veil, a priceless ancient relic, has been missing for centuries, but your partner Jason has just found a lead on it. (…)

February 20, 2019

PC download games > Rescue Quest Gold

Rescue Quest GoldThe hit match-3 game from Boomzap is back! Join Boom and Zap on their fantasy adventure in Rescue Quest Gold, lovingly remastered as a premium game with more levels, enhanced effects, and improved gameplay. (…)

February 19, 2019

Mac gaming > Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest

Tiny Tales: Heart of the ForestAfter a desperate search for money to save his childhood home, Max finds himself on a journey that will prove to be more challenging than he could have ever imagined. (…)