April 1, 2020

Game downloads for Mac > World’s Greatest Places Mosaics 3

World's Greatest Places Mosaics 3Learn some interesting trivia about the world’s most fascinating places as you play through various types of mosaics! (…)

March 31, 2020

Free downloadable PC games > Redemption Cemetery: Day of the Almost Dead

Redemption Cemetery: Day of the Almost DeadWhen Santa Muerte calls to you for help, you rush to her aid. When you arrive to the cemetery, you find the powerful spirit preparing for a fight to save the world. (…)

March 30, 2020

Game downloads for Mac > Amanda’s Magic Book

Amanda's Magic BookIn the latest from the Amanda Sticker Book series, help save a fantasy realm by restoring the pages of a magical book!

When Amanda finds a mysterious book in the rainforest, she is pulled into another world. (…)

March 27, 2020

Download Mac games > Myths of the World: Bound by the Stone Collector’s Edition

Myths of the World: Bound by the Stone Collector's EditionThe town of Beline is under attack! The only thing standing in the way of the town’s destruction is a yearly ritual, but a mysterious sorcerer is getting in their way! (…)

March 26, 2020

Game downloads for Mac > Paris Jewelry Shop

Game genre, OS:

Paris Jewelry ShopAudrey is a great lover of jewelry with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things elegant and shiny. When she decides to buy a jewelry shop it takes her life savings to acquire a small and very old shop on the streets of Paris. (…)

March 25, 2020

Mac games download > Whispered Secrets: Dreadful Beauty Collector’s Edition

Game genre, OS:

Whispered Secrets: Dreadful Beauty Collector's EditionWhen your friend’s new job turns into a nightmare, you rush to help her. But what you find is no mere hospital. (…)

March 24, 2020

Free games for PC download > Crystal Mosaic 2

Game genre, OS:

Crystal Mosaic 2Explore amazing locations while solving colorful, multilayered nonogram puzzles.

Listen to relaxing music while you challenge yourself to increase your brain power using math and logic to solve puzzles. (…)

March 19, 2020

PC games list > Memoirs of Murder: Behind the Scenes Collector’s Edition

Game genre, OS:

Memoirs of Murder: Behind the Scenes Collector's EditionWhat starts out as a fun vacation to a true crime film set turns disastrous when Aaron’s cousin Kevin is accused of murdering the lead actress. (…)

March 18, 2020

Download free game PC > Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps Collector’s Edition

Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps Collector's EditionA mystical rain is turning everyone into frogs! As part of the royal family, you can fend off the illness, but for how long? It’s up to you to find the cause of this wicked weather and save your loved ones. (…)

March 17, 2020

Good PC games > Lost Artifacts: Soulstone Collector’s Edition

Lost Artifacts: Soulstone Collector's EditionThe legendary Soulstone has been stolen from the national museum and Claire, along with her loyal helpers, have witnessed the revival of the terracotta army and an insidious Emperor bent on awakening an ancient dragon and conquering the world! (…)