July 12, 2017

Best PC games > Laruaville 5

Laruaville 5A couple of ghosts, feeling the call of the sea, decided to go on adventure. Unfortunately, a violent storm tore their ship apart and sunk it. Luckily, nobody got hurt, but they were cast ashore on an uninhabited island. (…)

July 11, 2017

Top 10 PC games > Alicia Quatermain: Secrets Of The Lost Treasures

Alicia Quatermain: Secrets Of The Lost TreasuresAlicia Quatermain is the granddaughter of famous world traveler Allan Quatermain. She sets out on a long and dangerous journey to find out why her father had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. (…)

July 8, 2017

PC game demos > Redemption Cemetery: Night Terrors Collector’s Edition

Redemption Cemetery: Night Terrors Collector's EditionA late night phone call summons you to a remote hospital where the patients are suffering from endless nightmares. (…)

July 7, 2017

PC games > Glass Masquerade

Glass MasqueradeWelcome to Glass Masquerade – an artistic puzzle game inspired by Art Deco & stained glass artisans of the 20th century. (…)

July 5, 2017

PC games downloads > Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of KarkhalaArtifex Mundi proudly presents Enigmatis: The Shadow of Karkhala, the final chapter in the blockbuster Enigmatis trilogy. (…)

July 4, 2017

PC games > Embrace of Ocean: Story of Hope

Embrace of Ocean: Story of HopeHelp a young girl named Blue Hope find her father and discover the secrets behind his scientific activities. Unravel the web of intrigue and mystery that enveloped the underwater city of Pearl. (…)

July 3, 2017

PC download games > Amaranthine Voyage: Winter Neverending Collector’s Edition

Amaranthine Voyage: Winter Neverending Collector's EditionEipix presents the next installment of the much belovedAmaranthine Voyage series! You’ve received a distress signal from the frozen world of Corra. What begins as a simple investigation quickly takes an ice-cold turn. (…)

June 29, 2017

New game PC > Elven Legend 2: The Bewitched Tree

Elven Legend 2: The Bewitched TreeThe evil witch, Mortessa has destroyed the Elven Kingdom and turned nature itself against the Elves. After returning from a far country, princess Aerin founds her kingdom in ruins, monsters invading the streets and the citizens scared. (…)

June 28, 2017

Mac games > Hidden Expedition: The Lost Paradise

Hidden Expedition: The Lost ParadiseEipix Entertainment, creators of Amaranthine Voyage and Sea of Lies, invite you on a new Hidden Expedition adventure! Your memories are fuzzy after waking up on a sunny beach. (…)

June 27, 2017

PC games download free > Rite of Passage: Deck of Fates

Rite of Passage: Deck of FatesMad Head Games proudly present the newest addition to the Rite of Passage series! When your wife went missing, you thought there was no hope. That is until you were sent a mysterious invitation promising you answers. (…)