July 24, 2019

Game PC download free > Dark Romance: A Performance to Die For Collector’s Edition

Dark Romance: A Performance to Die For Collector's EditionYour plans to propose to your beloved before her next opera performance are interrupted when she’s kidnapped by a masked madman! Things take an even darker turn when you follow them to an otherworldly realm inhabited by both the living and the dead. (…)

July 23, 2019

Best games for Mac > The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Jar of Marbles III – Free to Play

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Jar of Marbles III - Free to PlayTravel through the spooky town of Sleepy Hollow and unravel its legend! Empty out the Jar of Marbles as quickly as you can in this Match 3 game to help guide you through the town. (…)

July 22, 2019

New games PC > Punished Talents: Dark Knowledge Collector’s Edition

Punished Talents: Dark Knowledge Collector's EditionYour brother’s been kidnapped, and the criminal behind it has demanded that you investigate! Your only hope of saving your family is by tracking down the other kidnapping victims. (…)

July 19, 2019

Latest PC games > Christmas Puzzle 2

Christmas Puzzle 2Light the fireplace, decorate the fir-tree and get ready for the coziest Christmas ever!

Play through cool Match 3 levels and prepare your house for Christmas with beautiful ornaments and decorations. (…)

July 17, 2019

Good Mac games > Nevertales: Legends Collector’s Edition

Nevertales: Legends Collector's EditionYou and your husband were on opposite sides of a great war, but your love was strong enough to bring peace to the land. Now he finds himself suffering from a deadly illness, and you must race to find a way to save him. (…)

July 15, 2019

Games for Mac > Lost Lands: Ice Spell

Lost Lands: Ice SpellThe cold has come to the Lost Lands in the middle of the summer. Folk are hiding inside, trying to warm their homes while the deep freeze threatens their lives. (…)

July 12, 2019

Cheap PC games > Myths of the World: The Black Sun

Myths of the World: The Black SunYour hometown’s commander has gone missing, and you’ve been called in to investigate. Before you get far, a strange creature turns your father into stone! It’s a race against the clock as you track down the beast and try to save the town. (…)

July 11, 2019

PC games list > Vermillion Watch: London Howling Collector’s Edition

Vermillion Watch: London Howling Collector's EditionWhen a series of violent incidents point to a perpetrator that’s both human and animal, it’s time for the Vermillion Watch to jump into action! (…)

July 10, 2019

Mac games > Dark Parables: The Match Girl’s Lost Paradise

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Dark Parables: The Match Girl's Lost ParadiseMake a wish… if you dare. A series of unexplainable fires has swept through the Danish town of Stars Hollow, leaving behind no bodies and no signs of fire. (…)

July 9, 2019

PC download games > Queen’s Garden Christmas

Queen's Garden ChristmasIt’s Christmas time in the Queen’s land and she decided to celebrate!

Help Jack, her loyal advisor to decorate the garden for a magical Christmas season in this merry match-3 game! (…)