November 3, 2017

PC games download > Vengeance: Lost Love

Vengeance: Lost LoveAmanda is stuck in a horrifying ordeal as she and her fiancé James are confronted by the lone miner. She soon realizes that the legend of the lone miner is connected to her family’s past in more ways than she ever imagined. (…)

November 3, 2017

Free downloadable games for PC > Reflections of Life: Hearts Taken Collector’s Edition

Reflections of Life: Hearts Taken Collector's EditionAfter his postcards stopped coming, you discovered that your husband disappeared during his expedition to Siberia. He was searching for a mythical cave that hides a legendary force. (…)

October 30, 2017

Download free PC games > Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 1

Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 1Your escape from the zombies continues – now with even more of a bite! Play your cards right and escape the blood-thirsty zombies and their hunger for human brains once again. (…)

October 27, 2017

Mac game download > Spirit of Revenge: Unrecognized Master

Spirit of Revenge: Unrecognized MasterThis time, it’s up to you to find out what’s causing antiques in a local town to turn against their owners! You’ll have to delve into history to stop this Spirit of Revenge. (…)

October 26, 2017

Free games download for PC > DragonScales: Chambers of the Dragon Whisperer

DragonScales: Chambers of the Dragon WhispererUse the power of your mind to place scales on the board and form clever combinations. DragonScales: Chamber of the Dragon Whisperer is easy to learn and difficult to master. (…)

October 25, 2017

Newest PC games > Bridge to Another World: The Others Collector’s Edition

Bridge to Another World: The Others Collector's EditionEver since Jace was attacked by a mysterious being known only as an Other, you’ve devoted your life to protecting him and finding a cure for the mysterious curse the Other placed upon him. (…)

October 25, 2017

Free games for PC download > Solitaire Italian Trip

Solitaire Italian TripPopularly known as the world’s “living art gallery”, Italy is an exotic place of both art and architectural masterpieces created throughout history. Italy’s fortes extend beyond its galleries, plates and wardrobes. (…)

October 23, 2017

Downloadable games for PC > Witches’ Legacy: Covered by the Night

Witches' Legacy: Covered by the NightThe Witches’ University is under attack! As you search for your girlfriend Anabel, you run into a rogue sorcerer bent on taking the students’ powers. (…)

October 23, 2017

Download free PC games > Hotel Dracula

Hotel DraculaWelcome mortal to my hotel! I, Count Dracula, am asking that you help me run my hotel and restaurants. (…)

October 19, 2017

Top PC games > Mystery Trackers: Nightsville Horror Collector’s Edition

Mystery Trackers: Nightsville Horror Collector's EditionA young boy named Oliver’s been kidnapped, and the scared citizens of Willowsville are blaming the Owl Man from their rival town, Nightsville. Long thought to be a made-up story to scare the kids, the Owl Man seems to be real… (…)